Polaroid I-Zone

Digital Prints from Polaroid I-Zone Photographs 2002-2004

The I-Zone prints included in this web site were made between  2000 – 2005.  The photographs from which these images are made are the size of a 35mm negative, approximately 1” x 1 3/8”.  The finished ink jet prints are made on BFK, a traditional printmaking paper, are 18”x 22.”

There are several issues at the heart of this project and this series of works responds to traditions of printmaking and painting as well as photographic arts.

The design was to create a visual dialogue between a pioneering mechanical process of the mid 20th century (although the I-Zone is a modern generation of the initial Polaroid invention) and new technologies, which include computers, scanners, and ink jet printers.

The project allowed me to investigate further an ongoing interest in using cameras directed toward popular culture.  The major markets for the I-Zone camera are children, particularly children of adolescent age.  Making art with an inexpensive camera of everyday events and objects presented a poetic relationship to me.

The recurring subject content forming parallel thematic sets are: Family, Domestic Landscape, Social Landscape, References to Art, Formal Photographic Problems, Documentation of the Mundane and Minimal, Mortality and Transitions.