Chaos/Random Order

I have photographed nature/landscape from the beginning of my photographic studies with very little success in either gaining an understanding of nature or making anything other than formal photographs.  With “Chaos and Random Order” (a false title) I attempted to suppress formal considerations and step into nature (an impossible task at least for me) with the goal of using photography to gain greater understanding of creation and a larger plan.  I wanted to learn to reconcile human events by studying nature.  Nature has always seemed more honest.  The photographs were made on the Central California Coast, in Desolation Wilderness west of Lake Tahoe, in Yosemite and in Great Basin National Park in Nevada 1987 – 1995.  The original prints were made using 4 X 5 color negative film making “C” prints.  I am currently converting the images to digital and reprinting on more stable material.