Visual Narratives, Work in Progress

The work below is from the body of work, “Digital Narrative,” a series of images that combine domestic imagery, still life, social environments and nature in landscape form.  The works are predominately panoramic constructions that borrow ideas from numerous sources.  These images are placed here edited from the most current work as I make them.  Exhibiting the images in this way gives a clearer sense about my working process and the way in which I move from theme to theme.  It is difficult to exhibit work in this way because of the many shifts from theme to theme, but this is the way I work and how I am looking at the images in my studio or on the computer.  I try to add new work every week.  This is not always possible but I want the work to change regularly as close to real time as possible.  This blog is the result of wanting to look at works as they are made rather than when printed or exhibited.

I like to think of these images as photographic drawings, often quick assemblages posing question about the interface between people and nature, people and environment or people and people and daily life.


Working Proofs:


Portrait of Jack, 2017

Many of the works in this series are made driving to and from planned destinations.  It doesn’t really matter where I am.  This photograph was made on a trip in a van with students heading to Mc Laughlin Reserve in Central California.  Photographing in the middle of active events is helpful to my work.  The images I make do not often resemble the actual situation.  This image is an indication that a new set of ideas, and directions are forming.


Self Portrait of Sorts, 2017


Westwood, CA Winter Landscape 2017


Lavender Soldier

This was made while hiking with Artist Lisa Kairos, who was walking the circumference of the San Francisco Bay by degrees.  She was photographing, sketching, taking in the landscape for a series of drawings and paintings inspired by these walks.  This beach was in Richmond, CA at the north end of the east bay trails.


Gum Ball Machines

Many of the poetic works contain images from very different locations; here a mall in Fort Collins, Colorado, The Aero Space Museum in Washington D.C., and a road photo driving cross country west to east, Ft. Collins to Washington D.C.  The set concerns the relationship of images rather than the content of an individual photograph.


Big Creek Landscape, 2016/2017

Compiled from photographs taken on a sola hike while on a field four day field trip with students to Big Creek Reserve, Big Sur, California.


Site Seeing at Big Sur, CA

Rest stop at Bixby Bridge, Big Sur.  Traveling in a van with Karolina Karlic and students to Big Creek Reserve.  I often photograph in very public situations and organize abstract visual narratives in private in the studio or on other travels.  I am inspired in public situations or in groups sharing ideas or experiences.  The final pieces are reflections of my thoughts and questions regarding the collective culture around me.


Viewing the Ocean from Land, 2016/2017

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur, CA, The National Gallery, Washington D.C.


Big Sur Waves at Big Creek Reserve

This is an indication of a new body of work emerging.


Middle West Landscape, 2016/2017

I take every opportunity for travel that allows photography.  I was helping a friend move his daughter’s college belonging from storage in Fort Collins, Colorado to Washington D.C.  This images joins a significant group of photographs within “Digital Narratives” that were shot from the car.  It is so easy to be overly formal when photographing.  Photographing from the car increases the  ”accidental aesthetics” that is necessary to further my work.


Gordon at Home, 2017



Shooting Marbles at the National Gallery, Washington D.C., 2016/2017

There is a growing series of pieces from inside museums.  Museums, along with other monumental human constructions, physical or conceptual are important cultural sites for expanding experience and ceremonial sharing.  Museums of all kinds, ballparks and other sports arenas, aquariums, National Parks, Disneyland and other theme parks are significant sites for studying the diversity of engagement and human achievement within our culture.


Mc Laughlin Landscape, 2017


Invisible Bats


Mother and Daughter at Little League Game, Nevada City, CA


Pollen Spots, Lake Berryessa, CA  2017

Driving back from Mc Laughlin Reserve.


Motorcyclist Driving to Des Moines 2016/17


Labor Day, Westwood, CA


Orange Fence, Ft. Collins, Colorado 2016/17


I Love No One, Yucca Valley, California


Driving to Des Moines #3


Driving to Des Moines #2


Driving to Des Moines #1




Texting Cowboy, Taylorsville Rodeo


Senior Center Bouquet, Nevada City, CA 2017

I have photographed at recitals in Grass Valley before on several occasions, but haven’t  been very interested in the outcome before.  My grandsons take singing lessons and perform at these events.  A good percentage of my photography is in similar situations, family events, domestic living situations or working in very familiar surroundings.


Broken Bodies, Legion of Honor, San Francisco 2016


Dated Lesson, 2016

Nevada City Brunch, 2016

As is evident looking through the work as it is posted one of the primary subject interests is domestic home life.  This is a late brunch this past weekend in Nevada City.


Studio Landscape Improvisation, 2016/17

All of my printing is done in the studio at UCSC.  The studio also provides space to work on still life ideas, integrating them with my interest in landscape concerns.


China Town Parade, San Francisco20, 2016


Highway 5 at Highway 41, 2016

Highway 41 at Highway 5

This construction was made from images made during a trip to the Mojave Desert with a class from UC Santa Cruz.  Some of the most important images that I make are on the way to destinations.  This is a site that I have done a lot of shooting.  It is a consistent rest stop on the way south.  April/May 2016


Berkeley Hills, 2016


Abstract Dragon, San Francisco 2016

From a walk on the San Francisco Bay Trail in April 2016.  This has a similar feel to the earlier image, Bay Architecture that you can see if you scroll down a bit.


Matrices at Landfille, Santa Cruz 2016


Tree and Figure Landscape

This is a more experimental piece.  The individual images were taken in a variety of places, Santa Cruz, Nevada City and at home.


TV Desert Landscape, Easy Rider, McLaughlin Reserve


Orange VW, Grass Valley Car Show, with donuts 2016


McLaughlin Poem, 2016


Winter Objects, 2016


Lunch at Fudd and Juice, Nevada City, 2016








Michelle, Big Creek Reserve 2015


Crossing NevadaCrossing Nevada 2016


Headless Dog, 2015


Big Creek Reserve, Art as Reproduction 2015


Painter on the Colorado River 2015


Lake Almoner postcard, 2015


San Francisco Bay From San Mateo Bridge


Waiting for the Parade, San Francisco



Bag, Cup, Phone, San Francisco



Roadside Businesses



Big Creek, Big Sur Coast


San Francisco Bay Architecture


Tool Shed, Santa Cruz


San Francisco Bay, Dumbarton Bridge


Broken Cups in a Lizards Back Yard


Love This Tree


DQ In The Desert


From Sweeney Granite Mountain Research Center, 2016


Coconut, Cookies, Peanut Butter and Pineapple

Bra, Fence and Mountain


Banana Peel


Revisiting the 70′s


Pink, Mostly San Francisco


Tinned Milk and Teapot


Snake Habitate


No One Belongs Here More Than You


Camelback Mountain



                                                                                 Flying over Camelback, Phoenix



Tug and Ship in San Francisco Bay



Stage, Barefoot in the Park



Totems, Spring Training



Improvisation Series, Red Horse, Independence, California



Improvisation Series, Black, Red and White



Fire, Flower and Clouds, Nevada City, California



Headless Figures



McLaughlin Reserve Pond



Experimental Film Showing, San Francisco



Taylorsville Museum



Independence, California



Ants on Rocks, Big Creek Reserve



Davis Reservoir, McLaughlin Reserve



MARCH 2015


Black Birds, McLaughlin Reserve



Four Views of a Rock, Big Creek Reserve



Improvisation #2



House Finch and Turkey Vultures



Lizard in Sand



Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz, Ca.



Improvisation #1



Blooming Cholla, Mojave Desert Reserve




Taylorsville Cemetery




Big Sur, Highlands Camp



Man in Boat, Big Sur Coast




Fuzzy Figure, Birds in San Lorenzo River



Purple Flower, San Lorenzo River, Santa Crua



Flag City



Train, Highway 80, Near Reno



9th Avenue and Irving, San Francisco, California



Golfballs and Biscuits



Ocotillo, Joshua Tree National Park



Shopping Cart Landscape, Barstow, California




Norman Rockwell and Persimmons, Studio, December

 This piece is likely to be associated with a group of landscapes that are related to a spatial poem by Yosa Buson 1716 – 1784.


A mountain ant

on a white peony

out in the open


                                             Blooming Cholla, Mojave, Desert



Backward Clock, Santa Cruz, Christmas Eve



Studio Still Life, Persimmon on Floor, December



Studio Still Life, Santa Cruz, December



Ball, Rabbit, Jay, Santa Cruz, CA



Tiny Tim’s Christmas, Nevada City



Four Men Walking, San Diego



Rock in Road, Westwood, CA September



Metal Trees, Westwood, California



Cinderella, Grass Valley CA November 2014Cinderella, Grass Valley, CA, November 2014



Haunted HouseHaunted House



Cinderella, Grass Valley CA November 2014Cinderella, Grass Valley, CA, November 2014


Cinderella, Grass Valley, CA, November 2014Cinderella, Grass Valley, CA, November 2014

Prelinger Library, San Francisco
Prelinger Library, San Francisco


Music Recital Reception, Half Moon BayMusic Recital Reception, Half Moon Bay


Hummingbird in Grass, 29 Palms, CA, June 2014
Hummingbird in Grass, 29 Palms, CA, June 2014

Girl Walking Dog, July 2014
Girl Walking Dog, July 2014

Yucca, Mojave Desert, August 2014
Yucca, Mojave Desert, August 2014